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Escola de Cursos Básicos, Avançados e Profissionalizantes.


A Easy Treinamentos foi criada em 1997, com o propósito de levar aos seus clientes um aprendizado moderno e com um enorme diferencial: A Garantia de Aprendizagem!
Hoje, contamos com 64 treinamentos nas áreas de Negócios e Tecnologia.

 Rua Prof. Lôbo, 773 – Jardins – Aracruz/ES
(27) 3111-0371 | 3256-8111

 Rua Jerônimo Vervloet, 58 – Centro – Santa Teresa/ES
 (27) 3119-0905 / 99763-1888

Nossa Equipe

Ricardo Monteiro

MS Project

Sócio e Professor

Luiz Henrique


Having years of Industry experience, he works on many project and at present he is providing Consultancy for many renowned IT companies.

Thalyta Selvatici Machado

Karate & Sambo

She is a passionate hardcore Java Professional and like to teach technology that relates to Java. Since 2010 she tuned to Android because of its Open Source.

Leandro Alves Vieira

IT Expert

My PLC / HMI experience includes projects from $10k up to about $40m, primarily within the realm of chemical processing and filtration.

Crislaine Evangelista

Project manager

This belief comes from my unyielding faith in the decency and generosity of the American people. And in the weeks ahead, I look forward to debating them.

Flávia Ramos

Design conceptor

From a mechanical perspective, I’ve designed most of the same systems I program. My competencies in this area include full design, 3D modeling and drafting of assembly.



My background includes industrial automation and mechanical design. By degree, I’m an MBA, however after a few years on the road full-time as a management consultant.


Front-end dev

Michael Windzor has been teaching students and professional of over past 10+ years, through his workshop he trained up to 25,000+ Android and Java students and Professionals globally.

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